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TV Series “Skins” Must be Removed/Action ALERT

January 22, 2011

Help us tell MTV to remove the series “Skins” from its network programming

  • Skins….. is filled with graphic content involving high-school children, including depictions of teens drinking, smoking marijuana, and using massive quantities of drugs, engaging in violent acts, and having irresponsible sex with each other, with their schoolteachers, and with other adults. Other TV shows, like Gossip Girl, have included some of these activities; but Skins’ depiction of such activities is on a scale never before seen on TV. Skins is so extreme that MTV is rating the program TV-MA – a rating cable has previously reserved for programs like FX’s ultra-violent and quasi-pornographic series Nip/Tuck, which was wholly unsuitable for all but those who crave explicit material.
  • Skins….. is about high-school children. Mixed in with the graphic drug use and sex scenes are storylines about falling in love and problems at school – elements sure to generate interest from teens. The show is being written, in part, by teens. And the Skins cast is actually made up of teenagers, not adult actors playing teens. One cast member is only 15 years old.
  • Skins….. has been extensively marketed to high-school children. Internet sites like have carried dozens of promos and stories about the new show. Many of the Internet ad campaigns have shown how Skins blatantly urges children to lie to and defy their parents, and engage in risky and dangerous behavior. MTV may try to claim that this show is intended for adults – but the way the show has been peddled to kids reveals the truth. MTV WANTS your kids to see – and be influenced by — this program!


TV Series – MUST GO NOW!!!



More Advertisers Flee MTV Skins

By Kat Stoeffel
January 22, 2011 | 6:17 p.m

Taco Bell was just the beginning!

Yesterday GM pulled their Chevy Volt ads fromSkins, MTV’s controversial teen sex show. Today Wrigleys gum and H&R Block followed suit, reports TMZ.

The Parents Television Council has spearheaded the anti-Skins campaign, threatening to boycott advertisers and demanding the Department of Justice investigate the whether the show violates child pornography laws or not. PTC President Tim Winter said yesterday, in a press release:

“Every single advertiser who sponsored the premiere episode of ‘Skins’ is not only endorsing, but glorifying teen drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention a plethora of baseless sexual content. The following companies and brand names can rest assured that they will be hearing from PTC about their decision to sponsor the program: Schick Hydro, H&R Block, L’Oreal, Subway, Foot Locker, Orbit chewing gum and Extra chewing gum. We sincerely hope these advertisers will agree that the content in ‘Skins’ is harmful to their corporate image.”

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  1. January 23, 2011 8:35 am

    Tell MTV, We as a CHRISTian nation do not approve of this trash being peddled to our children.
    1 Nation was part of the petitioners that protested the same corporation – Nickelodeon – for having links on its online games sending children to sexually explicit and violent games.
    Most of these games were removed because over 7,000 people took action. I am happy to report that as of February 28, 2011, Nick Arcade is shutting down.

    1 Nation is fast becoming a true voice in America. Let us be part of the solution together.

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